Having tried various vaping products throughout my journey, I can confidently say that disposable vapes have revolutionized the way we enjoy vaping. 

If you’re an avid vaper, there’s a good chance that you’ve picked up some new lingo that your non-vaping friends don’t understand. 

 If you have just started vaping, then this is the article that you need to read as it clearly shows you what vaping is all about and how to get the best of it. 

For new vapers, easy to use vape pens and electronic cigarettes are an effective transition into vaping that imitates the sensation of smoking. 

Tobacco and nicotine salt appears to be a match made for one another. Nic salt e-liquids are made for vaping with low-wattage pod systems, which mimic the experience that you get from smoking cigarettes. Also, with nicotine salt e-liquids, you can enjoy high levels of nicotine without any harshness at the back of your throat.

Interested in mixing two liquid flavours to create new flavours? This vape guide is for you!

Learn more about nicotine salts including the history of nic salts and the advantage of salt liquid if you are quitting smoking.

Everything you need to know about vape liquids to get started as a new beginner including the different types of e-liquids and what to look for when shopping for your next flavour.

Everything you need to know to ensure that you pick the best vape starter kit when switching to vaping.

The ultimate guide to vape coils for beginners including what vape coils are, how they work and our specialist recommendations for getting started with vape coils.

The majority of people who use a vape will simply purchase their e-liquids/vape juice from a local store or online and then use them as they come. These days there is such a huge range of different flavours to choose from, created by various big named manufactures too, and there really is something to suit everyone’s taste. 

Learn about the most important aspects of a vape tank including components, lifespan and how to maintain vape tanks for vaping.

Everything you need to know about vape batteries as a beginner including types, charging and how to stay safe with batteries when vaping.

A guide on how to safely navigate the world of vape stores.

Whether you are a beginner or experienced vaper, eventually you will need to replace your vapes coil. For reference, the coil’s purpose is to heat the vape e-juice into vapour, meaning it can be inhaled and consumed by the user. However, over time the coil will begin to deteriorate in quality and condition, at which point it’s important to purchase vape coil replacements so that our vape can continue to function smoothly. 

Vaping is becoming increasingly popular in Ireland, with several people swapping their normal nicotine smoking habits for electronic cigarettes including vaping. However, with this increase, more users are simply purchasing vaping products without knowing how to keep it running smoothly, which is where we can help.