7 Fun Quotes That Only People Who Vape Will Understand

Are you one of the 10 million Americans who use e-cigarettes?

If you’re an avid vaper, there’s a good chance that you’ve picked up some new lingo that your non-vaping friends don’t understand.

Sometimes you just want to sit back, blow some clouds, and enjoy some fun vaping in-jokes. That’s why we’ve put together this awesome list of quotes that only true vapers will understand.

1. “Why kiss a cigarette when you can kiss many flavors?”

Did you smoke cigarettes before you started vaping?

If you did, you’ll understand this quote perfectly.

Quitting traditional cigarettes is an instant breath freshener. With tons of fruity, minty, and sweet e-liquid flavors, kissing you is now a taste sensation—in a good way!

2. “Eat. Sleep. Vape. Repeat.”

Can you imagine going a day without your vape?

Didn’t think so.

For passionate vape connoisseurs, vaping feels as natural as breathing—although the clouds are a lot more impressive.

3. “I need my e-juice and I need it now!”

We’ve all experienced the heart-sinking realization that our favorite e-liquid is out of stock, lost, or left behind.

Keep a stash of your favorite liquids at home, in your bag, and in your vehicle to make sure you’re never caught without them.

4. “Start vaping they said. It’s a cheap alternative they said.”

Ouch. This one really hits home.

While vaping can be cheaper than cigarettes, it’s all too easy to get swept up in the excitement of box mods, new e-liquids, and other accessories and end up spending a fortune.

Try setting a monthly budget for your vape spending, but don’t blame us if it’s impossible to stick to. Learn more about vaping mods by clicking the link.

5. “It’s not smoke, it’s vapor!”

Ever had an annoying friend complain about ‘second-hand smoke’ while you vape?

We’ve all been there—for some reason, the word ‘vape’ isn’t enough to indicate to people that your e-cigarette is producing, well, vapor.

Try not to get frustrated and avoid vaping too close to anyone who finds it irritating.

6. “Keep calm and blow clouds.”

Whether you’ve had a long day at work, a stressful class at school, or a dramatic argument, vaping is always there to take the edge off.

Next time you find yourself losing your cool, keep this mantra in mind.

7. “One does not simply own one flavor of e-liquid.”

Is there a vaper alive who doesn’t own at least ten different flavors of e-liquid, including at least one or two they’ve never even opened?

You might think you’re happy with one flavor, but the second you see a novel or limited edition liquid, it’s hard not to grab one, just in case it’s the best thing ever.

Should You Start Vaping?

If you’re currently a smoker, vaping is a smart way to reduce your risk of health problems. It can also help you to beat nicotine addiction by gradually weaning yourself off with different strength liquids.

It’s also a fun subculture to become part of and could even become your new favorite hobby.

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