Can You Mix Two Vape Juices Together?

Can You Mix Two Vape Juices Together?

You can mix two e-liquids. Mixing e-juice flavours are done for a few reasons. To reduce nicotine strength and reach your desired vape juice flavour.

Mixing different flavours of liquid together can open your vaping experience to a new level. A fairly common practice used to get the desired e-liquid you want, mixing vape juice can also reach your desired nicotine strength. If your preferred vape juice is 3mg, your desired vape juice may only be available in 6mg; you can mix e-liquids to reach this level.

You are spoilt for choice with thousands of flavour combinations and will undoubtedly find a flavour combination to freshen up your palette.

It's essential to make sure that you cover a few basics when mixing your e-liquids. Make sure you use e-liquids that have a similar viscosity. High VG e-liquids such as 70/30 or 80/20 should be mixed with other 70/30 e-liquids and the same for 50/50 VG/PG e-liquids.

If you're mixing e-juice flavours for the first time, then make sure to start small and note how much e-liquid you are mixing. You do not want to make a great-tasting e-liquid, but forget what you added.

Whether you are using salt nic vape juice or freebase nicotine, you'll be able to choose from a large collection of flavours and find that perfect vape for you.

Is Mixing E-juice Safe?

Mixing E-juices together is safe. However, there are a few guidelines before mixing your own vape juice.

Mixing vape juice is a safe and popular way of getting your desired flavour profile and nicotine strength. There are thousands of flavour profiles to choose from, so the choice of combinations is unlimited; however, it's important to note that some flavours do not go well together; however, that's all part of the fun in finding what flavours will excite those taste buds.

E-juice is made from Propylene Glycol and Vegetable Glycerin with flavourings and nicotine. When mixing E-juice, using similar VG/PG ratios is essential. If you use different viscosity e-liquids, this will affect the taste of your e-liquid, and you wouldn't want an e-liquid too thick for your low wattage device or an e-liquid, too thin for your sub-ohm device and low resistant coils.

If you are mixing vape juice that is already pre-made, then there's no need to worry much about safety; however, if you're mixing vape juice from scratch and it's your first time, then we recommend steering away unless you know what you're doing. It is essential to ensure that the ingredients used are standard for pharmaceutical grade and that you have safety equipment ready for mixing, as contamination could be an issue. It is essential not to use pure nicotine and ensure your nicotine is bought from a reputable brand that has been tested.

Good Vape Flavours To Mix?

There are hundreds of combination flavours you can mix to create an amazing-tasting e-liquid. If you're thinking of what flavours to develop and mix, then an excellent place to start is to think of your own experience with flavours in general and what tastes good together. There are many recipes online that you can find inspiration from; however, we have come up with a few recommendations ourselves.

There are many combinations to try, and mostly, it comes down to personal preference. If you want an Ice-cool blast, you can add Ice, Menthol or peppermint to any of your combinations for that cool sensation. Mixing e-liquids can be fun, and just like cooking, it's all about trial and error and finding that perfect mix. Vape juice flavours are integral to the vaping experience, so getting a good taste from your combinations is crucial.