How To Mix Your Own E-Liquid Flavours

The majority of people who use a vape will simply purchase their e-liquids/vape juice from a local store or online and then use them as they come. These days there is such a huge range of different flavours to choose from, created by various big named manufactures too, and there really is something to suit everyone’s taste. However, sometimes in order to get the best vape e-liquid sometimes, people will want to mix their own flavours.

Whilst this isn’t essential for everyone and some will never feel the need to make their own e-liquid flavours, for others it is something that they will do all the time. If you’re interested in why people mix new flavours, whether it is worth trying yourself and how you go about doing this, keep reading today. Our team here at The Vape Life have covered all of the basics about mixing your own e-liquid.

Mixing e-liquids to make new flavours 

The majority of people that mix e-liquid flavours are simply doing so because they want to create a unique flavour. Ultimately, there is no shortage of combinations in this regard and you really can mix any of your favourite flavours. Of course, not all of the mixes you make will be successful, some will taste awful, so don’t mix loads before you try it. 

If you’re wondering what some of the best vape e-liquid combinations may be, here are are a few that tend to be quite popular; 

As expected there are some flavours that mix well with numerous other flavours, for example; coffee, menthol, chocolate and vanilla can be used with almost any other favour. So, if you’re looking for a safe place to start, try these. You can also mix more than just two flavours but obviously, the more you add, the more complicated it can get. 

Mixing e-liquids to add nicotine strength 

Whilst this isn’t really mixing your own e-liquid flavours, people do mix liquids together to ensure they are vaping at their desired nicotine levels. For example, if your local vape shop doesn’t have your favourite flavour in 3mg you can always purchase a 6mg and a 0mg then mix the two together to get the amount of nicotine you’d like. 

You can also add something called a nicotine shot to your e-liquid too. However, these are unflavoured and are simply designed to add nicotine to your vape juice. So, this is less about mixing flavours and more about mixing to get the desired nicotine strength. 

How to mix e-liquid flavours 

Mixing e-liquid flavours together is actually incredibly straightforward and you really are just going to be combining the flavours together. It is worthwhile remembering however that when trying to create new flavours, you need to ensure that your measures are correct. For example, don’t always opt for half and half, you sometimes need less of one and more of the other. 

When thinking about which flavours to try together, consider what your favourite drinks, snacks and desserts are. Even the most complicated recipes can actually be recreated in the best vape e-liquids. Just ensure you’re really thinking about the balance of flavours, you don’t want one to overpower the other and you may need multiple flavours to get the desired end taste too. 

Creating your own e-liquid favours 

All in all, mixing your own e-liquid flavours is something that everyone can do and it can be brilliant if you’re starting to get bored of the e-liquids that you usually choose. You never know, you could end up creating the best vape e-liquids and changing the way you shop for e-liquids forever. You may hear of people making DIY vape juice too and this is something you can do but, it is much more complicated. 

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