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So, you’ve read all the beginner guides for new vapers and now you’re ready to get started with vaping. This simple guide will help you navigate the vaping market with the most important part in mind: safety.

Your To-Do & To-Buy List

To summarise the following guide, here are the best first steps for beginners:



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First up: How to buy safely.

How do I buy safely?

To say ‘Vaping is dangerous’ is like saying ‘Eating is dangerous’. How? Eating is dangerous if you ingest poisonous food. Likewise, vaping is dangerous if you inhale untested e-liquid vapour. Hence, you must never buy e-liquids from an untrusted source.


Unfortunately, as with any industry, there are always fakes on the market. This is especially dangerous in the world of vaping as you will be inhaling the e-liquid vapour from the device into your lungs. Therefore, it is critical to purchase these products from a trusted source.

The absolute safest way to purchase e-liquids is directly from a verified manufacturer producing TPD tested e-liquids, that way there is no chance that it is a fake. But how do you do that?


At IndeJuice we take health & safety extremely seriously. That’s why we have the only vape store in the world where e-liquids are sold directly by the manufacturer.

That’s right, we don’t buy any e-liquid from third party companies that claim to have bought them from the manufacturer which all other vape stores do. Even a small risk of them being deceived is a huge risk to our health.

In fact, we don’t buy any e-liquid at all.

All e-liquid on the IndeJuice Vape Store has been uploaded to the store by the official manufacturer and only the official manufacturer. These manufacturers, all TPD approved & tested, then deliver the e-liquid to our UK warehouses directly from their manufacturing plant, which means absolutely no chance of it being a fake.

Then, when a bottle is sold, our vape store staff pick and pack the order, and Amazon Delivery drivers come and collect the parcel and deliver it to your doorstep the next day.


We call this entire process ‘Prime Certified’. It represents the strict checks we have in place at all stages, from verifying the manufacturer is truly the official one, all the way to ensuring the authentic vape product arrives safely to your front door.

Prime Certified. It’s the most secure and safest way to buy e-liquid.

What do I need to buy first?

So, as outlined in the first beginners guide to vaping, there are 2 things you’ll need to start vaping:

Don’t worry, we can guide you to the best options specifically for beginners.


Quite simply, the Caliburn by UWELL is the absolute best vape device recommended for new vapers. It’s extremely simple to use with some great features, including its auto-inhale detection. That means you don’t actually have to hit a button to use vaporise the liquid, the device will detect when you suck on the device and it auto-vaporises the e-liquid for you to inhale.

You can grab the device £10 off here: Buy Caliburn by UWELL

The best thing about it is probably the e-liquid tank on the device, the Caliburn Cartridge. It’s known for amazing coil-life, lasting weeks on just one cartridge, saving you money compared to other devices.

Two free cartridges come with the device, but if you’d like more to start with: Buy Caliburn Cartridges Here


There are thousands of different flavours out there. The first time you buy some, be sure to pick at least two. That way, in case you dislike one, there’ll be at least one flavour you’ll like.

You can buy E-Liquids direct from manufacturers here: Buy E-Liquids

Remember, as explained in the beginner guide to e-liquids, the most important decision you have to make is your nicotine strength. Remember, we built the world first & only cigarette to nicotine converter, so be sure to use it to find the most suitable nic strength for you.

Also, if you come across options for the VG/PG ratio, just stick with anything around 50VG/50PG. It’s the best VG/PG ratio for the Caliburn Vape Device.

Setting Up Your Vape

We actually include a free super-simple vaping guide with the Caliburn device to help you set it up and use it for the first time.

However, if you have any trouble at all, check out our Ultimate Guide To UWELL Caliburn Cartridges for a more in-depth tutorial.

What will I need to buy on a regular basis?

The only two things you’ll need to buy on a regular basis are:

Naturally you only need to buy E-Liquid when you run out. We recommend trying out new flavours now and then, you’ll never know when you’ll come across a new favourite!

As for your vape coils (which in this case are cartridges for your Caliburn device), you only need to replace it once it wears out. You’ll know when it wears out as you will experience a slight ‘burnt taste’ in your vapour.

Will I ever need to upgrade my vape kit?

This is completely up to you. Many vapers we know, including the pros, have stuck with the Caliburn vape device because it’s so convenient and simple to use.

However, if you ever wish to take things to the next level, check out the Ultimate 10 Vape Devices. It’s a list we curated that features the 10 vape devices that represent all devices on the market, ranked from 1 to 10 in order of complexity & power.

If there’s a ever a better device than the Caliburn in terms of its simplicity, that top 10 list is also the page is where you’ll find it.

What now?

Well, that brings our beginner guide series to a close! We sincerely hope that we’ve been able to help your switch to vaping, it’s truly our pleasure to help the nation say goodbye to cigarettes and take a step towards a healthier future.

However, this doesn’t mean goodbye! Our vape store will always be here to provide you with all your vaping needs, and very soon we’ll be introducing the vaping world’s first vape companion app!

Until then, you’re more than welcome to check out our other vaping guides if you wish to become improve your understanding of everything vaping.

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