Vaping Tips For Care And Maintenance

Vaping is becoming increasingly popular in Ireland, with several people swapping their normal nicotine smoking habits for electronic cigarettes including vaping. However, with this increase, more users are simply purchasing vaping products without knowing how to keep it running smoothly, which is where we can help. 

For that reason, here are just a few vaping tips for care and maintenance to ensure that your vape has a long life, as well as functioning sleekly without any issues. 

Empty and clean the tank

Your vape tank is one of the most important parts of all e-cigarettes as it’s the primary location where e-liquid are stored so that they can be evaporated by the user. For that reason, they soon become very sticky, dirty and potentially damaging if the e-cigarette tank goes untouched without being cleaned for long periods, as well as impacting the overall vaping experience and taste quality.

To properly clean your vape tank, it should be properly removed and emptied into a suitable container, as well as potentially removing the coils and surrounding parts if they also haven’t been cleaned recently. To clean the tank, it’s advised that you continuously rinse the tank in warm water, with the potential to use a mild detergent or isopropyl alcohol if needed. You should then proceed to rinse the tank once more completely, as well as letting it air dry before using it again. 

Change the vape coil regularly

If you didn’t know already your vape’s coil is one of the most important components to heat the vape liquid - ultimately vaporising the juice into vapour so that it can be inhaled. For that reason, the coil must be replaced regularly, more so if you begin to notice some of the telltale signs such as tasting an unpleasant, burnt flavour. 

Unfortunately, it’s not possible to clean your vapes coil, which is why you need to replace it when possible. That being said for standard vape pens, it’s a very easy and simple process, as you simply need to remove the current coil once you have unscrewed the atomizer head, followed by proceeding to fit the new coil. Having said that, it’s advised to not use the vape straight away, instead, allow the liquid to soak into the wick to avoid burning. 

Don’t overfill the e-liquid

If you are using a take vaporizer, you mustn’t overfill, nor underfill the tank with vape juice. By overfilling the tank, you are risking the liquid from being able to leak from the vape, which will cause more damage to the tank, as well as ruining the vaporizing experience. Having said that, by running the tank low of e-liquid, you are risking letting the vape running dry - making it unable to draw any liquid, as well as producing an unpleasant taste from burning your vapes’ coil. 

Check your battery regularly

Without your battery powering the e-cigarette, it would be near enough impossible for your vape to work, making it vital that you take good care of it. A dirty battery terminal can significantly affect the performance of your vape device, as it’s likely that the connection between the battery and the capsule is blocked. It’s worth noting, one of the most common causes for this issue is liquid leaking onto the battery, another reason to avoid overfilling the tank.

It’s also never suggested to allow the battery in your vape to go completely flat, otherwise, you are risking permanently damaging your vape’s battery. One final point to keep in mind regarding batteries is to keep them away from hot temperatures, as this will cause additional damage that can’t be reversed.

Avoid over-tightening vape parts

Whether you have dismantled your vape for cleaning, filling up the vape juice or replacing parts, it’s important to avoid tightening the components too much. Of course, we want all components of the vape to be secured properly, though overtightening the components will potentially cause permanent damage including striping the threading, making it near impossible for the parts to fit back together once again. 

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